Bikepacking Slovenija - TEAM 24.06.2023. 00:01 27.06.2023. 08:00 1013.3 km 1170 m 1170 m More...


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Bikepacking Slovenija

ŠD Bikepacking Slovenija

Payment and correction of race results
  • Organiser Bikepacking Slovenija is responsible for accuracy of race data, opening and closing of registrations and recording of the race fee payment.
  • This website does not have access to the organiser bank account.
  • Please ask the organiser Bikepacking Slovenija directly regarding the payments and other race information.
  • Any other questions regarding race results should be sent to



Phone: +386 41 687 069

Address: Prvačina 119, 5297 Prvačina, SLO - Slovenia

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